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Sending Your Parents Their Logon Details

Sending Your Parents Their Logon Details

We often get asked "How Do My Parents Know How To Logon?". This article explains how Parents know how to logon as well as how to send your Parents their Logon details.

Having Parents logon to Scouts.Digital allows your Parents to:

  • View their Cub and Scout Advancement Details (Tasks Completed, etc.). This includes adding Notes, Pictures & Documents to each of the Advancement Tasks
  • View their Cub & Scout Badge Details (Tasks Completed, etc.) This includes adding Notes, Pictures & Documents to each of the Badge Tasks
  • Manage their own details (Contact Info, Address, etc.)
  • Manage Their Cub's or Scout's details (Medical Aid, Allergies, etc.)
So, in a way, having Parents logon to Scouts.Digital shares the load each Adult Leader faces around this information.

When a Parent is created, they are sent an email with their unique logon details, however, we've found that some parents either don't check their emails that regularly or they simply disregard the mail.

In order to get around this, we've created a component that checks whether a Parent has previously logged on to Scouts.Digital (or has not logged on in the last 2 months) and will send that Parent a notification email with their logon details and how to go about logging on.

This is a manual task that must be fired off by an Adult Leader in your Group.

To find this Component, simply logon to Scouts.Digital and look under "Reports" => "Management Reports" and look for a button (at the top of the page) that says "Send Logon Details" Simply pressing this button will send each of these Parents (The ones that have not logged on) and email. (There is an "Are You Sure" popup).

If you have any queries about this component, please feel free to get hold of Richard Shearer on

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