Our Online Scout Software Frees Up Adult Leaders To Concentrate On Scouting And Removes Reporting Requirements By Automating Tasks

Without changing what Adult Scouters do, our online scout software provides advanced analytics and off-the-chart functionality to Scout Group Leaders, Troop Scouters, Pack Scouters, Rover Scouters, Rover Crews and our Scouts.

Using a Software-As-A-Service delivery method, Scouts.Digital delivers cost effective Scout Group Management.

Built by a SGL, for Adult Scouters, Scouts.Digital encompasses complete Scout Group management, ranging from Automated Invoicing to Parent Statements, District & Regional Reporting, Attendance, Events, Advancements & Badges for Rovers, Scouts & Cubs. Scouts.Digital is built around the premise of making our Scouters lives easier by simplifying & sharing their management tasks.

Scouts.Digital is a hosted & managed online Scout Group and Adult Leader management service that is designed to increase our Adult Leaders effectiveness by decreasing the time they spend on reporting.

Our Features

Here are just some of the features built in to every Scouts.Digital solution.

Complete Scout Group Management

Without changing what Adult Scouters do, Scouts.Digital provides Invoicing, Statements, Programs, Advancements, Badges, Attendance and Reporting (amongst many others) to Scout Groups using Scouts.Digital.

Keeping It Straight & Simple

The KISS principle is actively employed in the solution. This principle changes the management of a Scout Group and it's reporting mechanism. We utilise the Attendance, Programs, Events, Advancements and Badges information to automate all reporting tasks, saving our Adult Leaders around 600 hours a year (per Group).

No Payment Options

Scouts.Digital is free to use. No billing options, no T's & C's, no free for a couple of months. Simply, free

Multiple Access Roles

With separate access for SGL's, TS's, ATS's, PS's, APS's, Parents, Parents Committee And Scouts, Scouts.Digital shows different tasks to each role. All Adult Leaders have administrative access to their Scout Group, with SGL's having Group administrative rights on the AMS.

Multi Pack Functionality

Multiple Packs can be associated to each Scout Group. This means that each Scout Group can have multiple Packs managed separately, but reporting happens under the Group Umbrella.

Hosted, Managed, Software-As-A-Service

Groups using Scouts.Digital do not have to make an initial investment in expensive software licences required by other types of software. There are no contractual obligations and no need to buy user licences continually.

Lightning Fast Reports

A robust reporting system, customised to Adult Leader type, allows each group to health check their scout group at the push of a button. With specific Pack, Troop, Group and District reports, managing Events, Attendance, Advancement, Finances, Equipment and documents has never been this easy.

Simple Yet Powerful

Bringing ease of use into the software equation, but providing access to powerful reporting is a cornerstone of Scouts.Digital

Available Anywhere

Utilising the latest technologies, Scouts.Digital is available on any Laptop, Notebook, Desktop Computer, Android Mobile, Android Tablet, iPhone, iPad or any Smart TV from anywhere in the world, without the need for synchronization or complex backup and restore mechanisms

Multi Troop Functionality

Multiple Troops can be associated to each Scout Group. This means that each Scout Group can have multiple Troops managed separately, but reporting happens under the Group Umbrella.

Still Not Convinced? Grab A Demo....

Our Demo area utilises the full blown Scouts.Digital service with an active Group but all information has been anonymised.

Please note that all Invoices and Credit Notes on the demo system are redacted low resolution images. Actual generated PDF's are high resolution.

To get access to the Demo area, please click the "Get Password" button.

If you have any questions about the Scouts.Digital service, please email info@scouts.digital.