Scouts.Digital Offers Help

Scouts.Digital now offers administrative help to Scout Groups that need admin assistance with their Scouting Activities. We send you a spreadsheet, you update it and send it back.

From Initial Capture to Basic Management right up to Full Monty Management, we are here to help

If you need admin help with your Scout Group on Scouts.Digital, click the "Show Me" button below for more information

Adult Management On Scouts.Digital


All Scout / Adult Leader training in South Africa is managed by Scouts.Digital

Past Service

Past Service can be managed for each separate Adult Leader

Warrant Management

All Warrants are actively managed for each Adult Leader

Charge Management

All Charges are actively managed for each Adult Leader

Award Management

All Awards are actively managed for each Adult Leader

Disciplinary Management

Disciplinary events are managed at a RC, DC and SGL Level on a per Adult Leader basis

Document Management

Standard Scouting Documents can me managed for each Adult Leader on Scouts.Digital


Several standard reports are provided. Several ad-hoc reports can be generated for specific requirements on an as needed basis

Multiple Roles

Each Adult Leader / Parent / Rover can hold multiple roles on Scouts.Digital.