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Need To Know How Your Cubs Are Doing?

Need To Know How Your Cubs Are Doing?

We've reintroduced Cub Health on Scouts.Digital to show you how well your Cubs are progressing and if they need help

One of the challenges we face as Pack Scouters is "How are my Cubs moving through the Program?" and "Do any of my Cubs need attention?"

Scouts.Digital helps here with a "Cub Health" percentage, based on each of your Cubs:
  • Attendance at Programs
  • Attendance at Events
  • Advancement Badges Awarded (Including Challenge Badges)
  • Advancement Tasks Singed Off
  • Badges Awarded &
  • Badge Advancement Tasks Signed Off
We've used a SCOUTING GAMIFICATION approach to this and treat this serious calculation just like a 6 month game.

So, when your Cub attends a Program or Event, is awarded an Advancement Badge or a Badge (Any kind), or Advancement Tasks or Badge Tasks are signed off, we award that Cub some points. And based on the number of points achieved, we can determine, within a slight level of error, just how well each Cub is "Being A Cub".

We've also prioritised attending Events and working on Badges higher than the other elements, so doing one of these 2 tasks will award double the amount of points.

To see this in action, logon to Scouts.Digital and at the bottom of your Pack Dashboard (to the right of your Sixes) is a button that says "Health & Six Details". Clicking this button will detail each of your active Sixes and each Cub in these Sixes as well as some pertinent management information about each Cub.

As always, the "Read Me" button on the top right of this page will explain, in detail, how this works and what each element means.

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