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Strugglling With How Many Badges You Should Purchase?

Strugglling With How Many Badges You Should Purchase?

We now have a report that shows you Youth Member Badges awarded between dates. Includes who the Badge was awarded to. Use this to make your Badge purchases.

We now have a report that details which Badges were awarded to Youth Members, between dates.

This details Advancements Awarded, Badges Awarded, Cub Challenge Badges Awarded and Scout Theme Badges Awarded (If you Scout Group runs the new Scout Program).

We've chosen not to add any functionality around handing the Badge to the Youth Member as this would add a massive level of administration required to each Youth Member. If you need to know if you have handed a Badge to a Youth Member, look at their sleeve.......

This was based on many Adult Leaders wanting to know how many Badges they should purchase when they get to the Scout Shop.

This report can be found at "Reports" -> "Badges To Purchase" from the Top Menu or "Group Reports" -> "Badges To Purchase" in the Left Hand Menu Structure.

As always, read the "Read Me" for details of how this works.

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