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Searching For Youth Members, Parents & Adult Leaders on Scouts.Digital

Searching For Youth Members, Parents & Adult Leaders on Scouts.Digital

We've introduced a Search function on Scouts.Digital for Groups. Use it to quickly find Youth Members, Adult Leaders & Parents (and manage those people directly)

We've always seemed to struggle with finding people on Scouts.Digital in our Groups. Are they a Cub? Are they a Parent, Are they an Adult Leader? There are lots of places to look to find people.

You can now use a quick search function to find (and Manage) any active Youth Member, Parent or Adult Leader associated to your Group.

This search is quite intelligent as it uses "Partial Match" technology across either first name, surname, email address, ID number or cell phone numbers. This means that typing in "paul" will return all people with either a first name or surname or email address that has the word "paul" in it (so, paul, pauly, pauline, etc). Your search does not need to be in quotes ("") and will accept any alphanumeric keyboard characters (A-Z, a-z, 1-0). UPPERCASE or lowercase search terms do not matter here, so "PAUL" will return the same results as "paul" or "PaUl".

At the moment, this function is only available to Group Based Adult Leaders, but we will be extending this to Districts, Regions and Nationally shortly.

Please note that you must type a minimum of 3 characters in order to start a search.

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