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Away On Holiday?

Away On Holiday?

What do you do when your Pack or Troop are away on holiday? Follow these instructions to stop the daily "No Program Found" emails.

Scouts.Digital sends out daily email reminders to each Adult Leader associated to a Scout Group when a program is not found on the system for that specific week.

Some of our Groups have resorted to adding a program to the system that says "No Program This Week. Pack/Troop on holiday". This is a great way of communicating that your Pack or Troop will be on holiday this week as each parent will get a mail saying "No Program This Week. Pack / Troop On Holiday".

However, this program information is used in Star Awards calculations, so if you have a program set for that week and have no attendance (or mark everyone as not attended), your Star Awards calculations will reflect this. This can be exceptionally cumbersome to remedy when Star Awards calculations come around at the end of each year.

Scouts.Digital now allows for "Holidays" to resolve this problem.

Simply capture a "Holiday" (Start Date, End Date, Description) in "Group Management" => "Holidays". This will stop the daily emails from being sent to your Adult Leaders and your Star Awards calculations will not be effected.

If you have any doubts about this "Holiday" functionality or need a further explanation, please feel free to contact Richard Shearer on

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