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Editing Programs That Have Happened In The Past

Editing Programs That Have Happened In The Past

You now have the ability to edit a program that has already happened. But you must still be quick about it or we will have a massive data consistency challenge.

In the past, once a program has happened, you have not been able to edit it. This means that if your program changed on the day, you were only able to alter the program up until midnight on the day that it was run. This is quite challenging if your program ends at 21h00 and the weather has wreaked havoc with your planning.

There was a very simple reason for doing this. Data Consistency. If you had a Program that ran some time ago and you now edit that program to add Advancements, the Advancements In Programs will see everyone that attended that program as having the ability to have these Advancements signed off (If they were working on the Advancements tasks that were offered in the Program). This is a really challenging environment.

Scouts.Digital now allows you to edit a program that has already happened, but only if that program was run in the last 5 days. (This means that if you run a program on a Friday, you have until the next Wednesday to alter it).

Yes, we still have the data consistency problem from above, but because of the short time that this is allowed to happen, the problem should be really small and, essentially, have next to no affect on the consistency of the systems data. (Yes, we know there will be some occasions that this really messes with your Advancements, but, it's so small as to be nearly non-existent)

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