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Authorising Advancement & Badge Tasks That Have Been Captured By Patrol Leaders

Authorising Advancement & Badge Tasks That Have Been Captured By Patrol Leaders

We've altered the way that Adult Leaders authorise advancement & badge tasks signed off by PL's, TL's and ATL's

As part of our "Sharing The Load" key cornerstone, Patrol Leaders & Troop Leaders can sign off Advancement Tasks and Badge Tasks for Members of their Patrols (The entire Troop for Troop Leaders). However, we also allow Adult Leaders a right of refusal (Called "Authorisation") when a PL, TL or ATL does this. This can be found in "Advancements" -> "Authorise Advancements"

In the past, the steps to authorise these Signed Off Tasks was quite cumbersome, with several clicks required to do one authorisation. We've altered this process to make our Adult Leaders lives a little easier by introducing a "One Click" principle here.

When you now browse to "Advancements" -> "Authorise Advancements", you only have 2 options for each task signed off by a PL, TL or ATL. You can either "Authorise" or "Decline" by clicking the button to the left of the task that needs authorisation. We don't ask you if you are sure when you click these buttons, we execute the task and either "Authorise" or "Decline" depending on the button that you click.

Now, we know that, sometimes, the wrong button will be clicked (You click "Decline" when you really wanted to click "Authorise" or vice versa). If this happens to you, please remember that Scouts.Digital allows Adult Leaders to award Advancement Tasks (If you Declined) or remove Advancement Tasks (If you clicked "Approve") at any point in time. So, if you make this mistake, simply either mark the task as complete or remove the sign-off from that specific Youth Member.

As always, if you need more information on this process, simply click the "Read ME" button at the top right of the page.

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