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Using Remember Me On

Using Remember Me On

We've all had some challenges with passwords. Scouts.Digital can now remember you on your computer, tablet or mobile.

Usernames and passwords are the bane of our lives, but until something a little better comes along, we are stuck with them. Research has shown that, on average, most connected citizens must remember 18 username and password combinations. From online banking to Facebook, gmail and a plethora of other websites, usernames and passwords are crucial to identifying ourselves.

So, what's a normal Adult Leader, Parent, scout or Rover to do when it comes to you username and password combination on Scouts.Digital?

You can do one of the following:

  • You can have your browser remember your password. (This works quite well as long as you are not using the Opera browser and you are the only person that uses your computer)

  • You can write your password down "SOMEWHERE SAFE" (This is really not a great idea. If you loose your little book, you are going to be in a world of pain)

  • You can make all your passwords exactly the same for all the websites that you need to logon to (IF YOU DO THIS, STOP READING NOW! CLICK THE "GET LASTPASS" LINK BELOW AND SPEND 3 MINUTES FIGURING OUT HOW TO USE IT)

So, how do we overcome this challenge?

Scouts.Digital will now "Remember You" on each separate device you use. All you have to do is put a tick in the "Remember Me?" box when you next login. This will tell Scouts.Digital that you want the system to remember you on that computer or tablet or smart phone.

Please remember, this tick is device specific, so if you tick it on your computer, it will not automatically be ticked on your mobile phone (and Vice Versa).

This does not automatically log you in to Scouts.Digital, this does what is says. It remembers you that computer or tablet or mobile phone. You will still have to click the "Login" button to login to Scouts.Digital.

If you generally struggle with usernames and passwords on many website that require them, your best bet is to get LastPass. LastPass is free for a single user, with minimal cost if you want the serious stuff. Click "Get LastPass Now" below to get LastPass.

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