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Downloading All Your Scout Group Details

Downloading All Your Scout Group Details

Downloading information from Scouts.Digital has always been a core component of Scouts.Digital. With the ability to export most reports and information on manage screens into Excel or CSV file formats, we've gone one step further and extended this functionality allowing all contact information to be downloaded in one Excel sheet.

Your Scout Group's information is yours and yours alone. And you should have access to this information at any point in time.

Scouts.Digital has always allowed you to download this information (Whether a report or information contained in each "Manage" screen). This is great if you want a quick snapshot of a specific piece of information, but what about all the other info?

Scouts.Digital now allows you to download an Excel Spreadsheet of all your Adult Leaders, Cubs, Scouts and Parent contact details into one single sheet. This functionality is available in the "Downloads" page once you have logged into the system. Simply click the Download Icon next to the information that you need.

We also provide quick links in the "Downloads" section to Cub Advancements and Badges as well as Scout Advancements and Badges. You can print these pages or Export them to Excel on a Page-By-Page basis.

Go on..... Log on and visit the Downloads section to see this in action. (Click the "Log In" link on the top right of this page.)

A quick side note though: The information that you download is static information about your Scout Group at that specific moment in time. (The date and time that you start the download). The information that is downloaded cannot be changed by typing over the Excel spreadsheet. Any changes that you make to this Spreadsheet are not loaded back up to Scouts.Digital (That little piece of magic is just not available yet).

If you need any additional information about downloading your Scout Groups information on Scouts.Digital, please get hold of Richard Shearer on

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