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Notify The Treasurer!

Notify The Treasurer!

One challenge we've always faced at a Scout Group level is "How do our Treasurers know when to invoice for fees?". It's a problem faced by all Scout Groups. Some Scout Groups have an exceptionally good relationship with their Treasurer, but even then, the invoices often slip through the cracks. Scouts.Digital fixes this in a very simple way.

It's something we've all been party to: You're sitting in a SGL Council and your Treasurer says "But I didn't know that Johnny had been invested, so I haven't invoiced his parents". If you've spent any time in an Adult Leader role, you've heard this one before.

So there are really only two ways to fix this:

  1. You set up a clear line of communication from your TS / PS to the Treasurer and you inform the Treasurer manually that you've invested Johnny. And you work hard on making sure this happens. And you work on it at every meeting. After all, fees make sure our Scout Groups operate effectively. No Invoice means no fees. Big Problem.
  2. OR
  3. If you are using Scouts.Digital, every time a Cub or Scout is invested (and you advance them to "Membership"), the Treasurer now gets an email with the investment details (Name, Date, etc.).
The only real action your Treasurer now has to perform is to click a button. Invoice sent. With the correct pro-rated fees. Directly to the Parents. No mess, no fuss. It's clean, it's simple and it's easy.

So, the only real question to ask is: If you are not using Scouts.Digital, what are you waiting for? We'll make your Scouting life so much easier.

If you have any questions about how this process works on Scouts.Digital, please feel free to contact Richard Shearer on

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