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How Do you Know Who Is Booked On Training?

How Do you Know Who Is Booked On Training?

Scouts.Digital now shows you who, from your Group, is booked on any training in the future and allows you to upload a Proof Of Payment (If Required)

With the ability for any Adult Leader to book any Parent, Scout or Rover in their Group on Training, one of the challenges we face is "Who, From My Group, Is Attending Training AND What Is Their Booking Status?"

Scouts.Digital now has a view of this, that any Adult Leader in your Group can see. Any Adult Leader in your Group can perform all the detailed actions.

A Quick Recap

Training can be booked on Scouts.Digital as follows:
  • Any Scout, Rover, Parent or Adult Leader can book themselves on any Training Course detailed for them (Adult Leader or Rover, Parent or Scout)
  • Any Adult Leader in your Group can book any Scout, Rover or Parent (In your Group) on any Training Course

In The Report

The following information is detailed in the report:
1. Who, from your Group, is attending Training in the Future (Includes Adult Leaders, Parents, Scouts or Rovers)
2. What Training they are attending
3. Where is the Training being held
4. When the Training Starts and Ends
5. Who booked the Training for that person
6. Who the Course Director is (Includes a quick email link)
7. How much the Course costs
8. The Booking Status (Provisional, Confirmed or Guaranteed)

You can upload a Proof Of Payment (POP) directly from this report, if a POP is required

Finding The Report

This report is accessbile from 2 locations on Scouts.Digital.
  1. Top Menu -> Reports -> Future Group Training
  2. Left Menu -> Training -> Future Group Training

Please remember, once a booking has been made, only 2 people can cancel the booking:
  1. The person that the Course is booked for (Accessed via My Profile (Top Right) -> My Future Training) &
  2. The Course Director

As always, there is a detailed "Read Me" at the top right of the page that explains this.

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