Help Package | Initial Capture

Need Help Capturing Your Group On Scouts.Digital?

We'll send you a spreadsheet, you complete it and we add Once Off. Used to initially capture Adult Leaders, Parents AND Youth Members onto Scouts.Digital
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We Sent You A Spreadsheet

We'll send you a pre-configured spreadsheet.

You Complete The Spreadsheet

You capture Adult Leaders, Parents, Meerkats, Cubs, Scouts or Rovers on the spreadsheet.

You Email The Spreadsheet

You email this completed spreadsheet back to us.

We Add Your Info

We take the information in this spreadsheet and add it to your Group on Scouts.Digital.

You Use Scouts.Digital

You use Scouts.Digital normally, adding any new Members & Parents that come along and Advancing and Awarding Badges. (Or you purchase a Management Help Package separately)

Why choose this?

If you need a rapid setup service and don't have the time or inclination to do this yourself, you should definitely choose this option.

This works exceptionally well if you already have a spreadsheet with the required information in it.

What you get

Once Off, One Time Only, capture of all Adult Leaders, Parents and Youth Members In your Group. Includes Group configuration and initial Financial setup so you can invoice Parents.

What You Don't Get

Any updates. Once the initial capture has been done, we expect you to work on Scouts.Digital, Capturing new members that come along AND Advancing and Awarding Badges.

If you do not want this administrative task, you can simply purchase a Management Help Package, for your Scout Group, separately.

How much does this cost?

  • You purchase this package
  • We send you a spreadsheet
  • You complete it
  • You send it back to us
  • We capture the information
  • You use Scouts.Digital
  • Can only be used once per Group
  • No updates provided

Simply use the or buttons on the left to select the number of people in your Group that you would like us to capture and add your email address.
We need your email address to send you the spreadsheet once you have purchased this service.

R 12per person captured
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25% Discounted Price

Why Choose This Option?

  • You want a rapid setup of Scouts.Digital
  • You don't have time to do this
  • You don't want to learn how to do this
  • You would rather someone did this for you
  • You want it done properly
  • You are unsure of how the Financial Setup works
  • You need some serious help here
  • You just want someone to sort this thing out for you
R 15per person captured
Original Price