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Keep Up To Date With

If you've ever wanted to keep up to date with what’s happening at Scouts.Digital and have a first view of all our new functionality, follow us on Twitter

We've often struggled with keeping the Scouting Movement up to date with what's happening on Scouts.Digital. Do we email 30,000 odd people when things change? Do we set up a WhatsApp Group with selected District Commissioners and expect that they communicate the changes to their Team?

None of the options really worked that well for us as we know that most people do not read their Scouts.Digital emails and we really don't want to put another load on our DC's.

So, Scouts.Digital now has a Twitter account where we post new functionality, and exciting things that are in the wings.

If you would like to be kept in the loop, simply follow us on Twitter.

Follow Scouts.Digital on Twitter

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