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Scout Program Planning

Scout Program Planning

As Scouters, our Program Planning is often done the hard way (using out-of-date, stuck on the wall, grubby & dirty Advancement Sheets) and we often tend to leave it to the last minute, simply because we are unsure of what to do. Scouts.Digital removes that hard part and provides each Scout Group with detailed information on what Advancements are required at a Troop Level in order to get maximum effect and ensure that your Programs are targeted at the most required Advancement Tasks.

We all know that Scouts really enjoy a great program. We've found that lighting fires without matches or camouflaged wide games (where the Scouts get to disappear into the night wearing their Ghillie Suits) are really well supported. However, that's really not what Scouting is all about, is it?

For me, Scouting is about ensuring that your Scouts are well informed and exceptionally prepared for adult life. This is where the Scouting Program comes in. And the application of the Scouting Program, with particular reference to the effectiveness of that Scout Program in your Group, is where Scouts.Digital assists each Scout Group in extraordinary ways.

At the simple click of a button (or Tap if you are using a mobile device), each Scout Group has the required information at their fingertips, allowing you to efficiently plan your meetings long in advance. This report shows deep-dive information particular to your Group and details what advancement tasks should be included in programs to gain the maximum effect. Right down to who actually needs this Advancement Task in order to progress.

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