No Access Fees, No Simple Pricing, No T's & C's, No Monkey Business. Free To Use

Scouts.Digital Offers Help

Scouts.Digital now offers administrative help to Scout Groups that need admin assistance with their Scouting Activities. We send you a spreadsheet, you update it and send it back.

From Initial Capture to Basic Management right up to Full Monty Management, we are here to help

If you need admin help with your Scout Group on Scouts.Digital, click the "Show Me" button below for more information

Scouts.Digital Provides Help If You Need Assistance

If you need assistance with Scouts.Digital, we are here to help We send you a spreadsheet, you complete it and send it back. We capture

Initial Capture

Initial Information

Full Monty


Basic Management

Advancements & Badges


We Free Up Adult Leaders To Concentrate On Scouting.

Without changing what Adult Scouters do, our online scout software provides advanced analytics, off-the-chart functionality & much more



Free For Every Member Of SCOUTS South Africa

Scalable on All Devices

Responsive & Adaptive

Scouts.Digital instantly scales to the screen size of the device you use. Desktops, Laptops, Notebooks, Tablets and Cell Phones all work on Scouts.Digital

Advanced Caching and Compression On-The-Fly

High Speed Performance

Scouts.Digital uses an Advanced Caching Engine and Compression On-The-Fly to really speed up your experience. On low speed, mobile connections, this works really well

Intuitive And Understandable

Easy To Use

We've spent huge amounts of time ensuring that Scouts.Digital is easy to use

Feature Rich

All the functionality you would ever need to manage a Scout Group, with numbers truing up to Districts, Regions and Nationally

Anywhere, Anytime Access

Access from any device, from anywhere in the world. 24 x 7 x 365

On System "How To's"

Not sure what to to? Simply follow the on screen "Read Me". We've got you covered

Follows SSA OR

Not shooting in the dark here.....
Scouts.Digital follows SCOUTS South Africa's Organisational Rules

Online / Offline

Online, real time functionality with Offline currently in development

Totally Secure

HTTPS used and totally secured

Parent & Scout Access

Parents & Scouts can see their own Advancement & Badge progress

Programs Run
People Managed
Advancements Awarded
Cups Of Coffee

Responsive Layout

Responsive functionality that adapts to any screen size. Desktops, Laptops, Tablets & Smart Phones

Retina Ready Graphics

Looks ultra-sharp on Retina Displays with Retina Icons, Fonts & Images

Seriously Quick

Scouts.Digital is exceptionally image light as is optimised to respond seriously quickly to your requests

No More Reports

Just do what you normally do. Reports are automatically generated and numbers true up to District & Region

No Personal Information Access

Only Group Adult Leaders have access to youth personal information

Extensive Documentation

We have covered everything in our in on-system "Read Me" Documentation and FAQ's

Optimized for Mobile & Touch Enabled Devices.

Currently, 45% of the internet has been seen in a mobile format, on a mobile device. Scouts.Digital is a little different here. 65% of all people accessing Scouts.Digital use a mobile device

So, we've heavily optimised Scouts.Digital, using a "Mobile First" methodology. This means that whichever device you see Scouts.Digital from, both this website and the system will change, automatically, to accommodate the screen size of your device

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How Does Scouts.Digital Comply With The POPI Act?

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Struggling With Scouts.Digital?

We are here to help

Get Your Group On System

We will take your information once and add it to your Group On Scouts.Digital. Includes Financial Setup if required

Quick, easy and done by the professionals

You take over from there and carry on (Or you sign up for a Management Help Package)

Manage Your Group

We take your information at regular intervals and update your Group on system

Youth Member Advancements Awarded And Badges Awarded

Does not include initial capture of Adult Leaders, Parents and Youth Members, but does include capturing new members as they come along


We do absolutely everything for you on Scouts.Digital

Initial Capture of all Adult Leaders, Parents and Youth Members, Advancements, Badge Work, Attendance, Invoice Generation, Course Bookings, EVERYTHING

All you do is plan and run Programs and Attend Events (and send us a spreadsheet whenever you can)