Help Package | Basic Management

Need Help With Basic Monthly Updates?

We'll send you a spreadsheet, you complete it and we update Monthly. Twice A Month. Used to update Youth Member Advancements Awarded AND Badges Awarded on Scouts.Digital
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We Sent You A Spreadsheet

We'll send you a pre-configured spreadsheet.

You Complete The Spreadsheet

You capture Advancements Awarded and Badges Awarded per Youth Member on the spreadsheet.

You Email The Spreadsheet

You email this completed spreadsheet back to us twice a month.

We Update Your Info

We take the information in this spreadsheet and update your Youth Advancements Awarded and Badges Awarded on Scouts.Digital.

You Do Not Need To Use Scouts.Digital

You do not need to use Scouts.Digital for Youth Updates. (You may still need to use it to book training, etc)

Why choose this?

If you need someone to take care of the Basic Management of the Youth Members in your Group, you should definitely choose this option.

What you get

BiMonthly (Twice a month) updates of Youth Advancements Awarded and Badges Awarded, including capture of any additional Youth Members as they come along.

What You Don't Get

Initial capture of Youth Members or Adult Leaders in your Group. If you need this service, please purchase a Initial Capture Help Package.

How much does this cost?

  • You purchase this package
  • We send you a spreadsheet
  • You complete it
  • You send it back to us twice a month
  • We capture Advancements Awarded and Badges Awarded
  • You use Scouts.Digital, but do not need to Advance Youth Members
  • Can only be used per Group
  • Your spreadsheet will be captured twice a month

Type your email address in the box on the right. We need your email address to send you the spreadsheet once you have purchased this service.

R 900per year
R 75.00 per month
25% Discounted Price

Why Choose This Option?

  • You want the professionals to manage your Groups Advancements Awarded
  • You want the professionals to manage your Groups Badges Awarded
  • You don't have time to do this
  • You don't want to learn how to do this
  • You would rather someone did this for you
  • You want it done properly
  • You need some serious help here
  • You just want someone to sort this thing out for you
R 1,200per year
R 100 per month
Original Price