Pre-Population Of Cubs And Scouts Details

Some time ago, we were asked if we could streamline the Cub and Scout take on process. In order to add a Cub or Scout to Scouts.Digital, a fair amount of information is required. This article details how we went about streamlining this process and cutting down the time it takes to add a Cub or Scout to Scouts.Digital.

While Scouts.Digital delivers impressive functionality, getting a Cub or a Scout into the system is a time consuming task. We decided it was time to add some more time saving mechanisms to the system and this was one area were we could shave some time off the process.

We did several things:

Some Fields Are Not Required

When you enter a Cub or Scout, only the absolute minimum amount of information required by the system is required. This means things like their Account, Six or Patrol, Name, Date Of Birth or Role (if a Scout) are really only required by the system. The rest of the detail is optional and does not need to be entered. However, if you have this information at hand (Medical Aid Details, Doctor's Details or Emergency Contact Details), it's best to add it to the first Cub or Scout you enter for that Account (See Pre-Population Below). This information is typically found in Annual Consent Forms or Event Consent Forms.

Parents Can Edit

As all Parents that have access to Scouts.Digital can edit some of their details, Parents are allowed to edit some of their Cubs or Scouts details as well. (Only Cubs or Scouts associated to the same account). This means that, even with the bare amount of information required for Scouts.Digital to do it's thing, Parents can now add to that information (Like Medical Aid Details, Doctor's Details or Emergency Contact Details).

Some Fields Are Pre-Populated

When a Cub Or Scout is added to the System and the none required fields are completed (Like Medical Aid Details, Doctor's Details or Emergency Contact Details), the next time you add a Cub or Scout to the system for the same account, Scouts.Digital will pre-populate a majority of this information. This information is found from the same information entered for other Cubs or Scouts in the same account. This also means that if this information is not present for other Cubs or Scouts in the same account, the information cannot be pre-populated.

While the system pre-populates this information, this information can be changed while you are capturing the Cub or Scouts detail. This allows for different information to be entered on a Cubs or Scout basis for each Cub or Scout in that account (Like different Medical Aid Details, etc. for different Cubs or Scouts in the same account.)

If you have any questions or queries about the pre-population of details when capturing Cubs or Scouts, please contact Richard Shearer on