1st Margate Pack Grows

We wish to commend Cindy Pieters, our new Pack Scouter on the sterling work she has done with our Cub pack

The pack has grown from 4-6 active cubs to 11-13 active cubs. 

Having a cub in the pack herself, Cindy relates well with the kids and has come with some great ideas to bring the lessons across to the youngsters. Badgework is happening and the cubs are making good progress.

Having a strong, growing pack is essential for the growth of the scout troop as a whole. These cubs will be coming through to scouts before we know it. Having a good footing in cubs will baud them well. 

Cindy has also been very active in marketing the Cub Pack, with regular Facebook posts and local newspaper articles. 

She has also been able to recruit 2 more adult helpers. 

We wish her all the success on her journey with these kids.