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This is where we post our latest articles and detail new functionality. Check back here often as new functionality (Scouts.Digital & the AMS) is constantly being added.

Big Welcome to Bianca

1st Margate welcomes Bianca to our troop. Bianca has transferred in from 23rd Pretoria (Lyttleton). Having joined scouts in 2013, she has progressed well and is currently busy planning her First-Class hike.

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Downloading All Your Scout Group Details

Downloading information from Scouts.Digital has always been a core component of Scouts.Digital. With the ability to export most reports and information on manage screens into Excel or CSV file formats, we've gone one step further and extended this functionality allowing all contact information to be downloaded in one Excel sheet.

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Notify The Treasurer!

One challenge we've always faced at a Scout Group level is "How do our Treasurers know when to invoice for fees?". It's a problem faced by all Scout Groups. Some Scout Groups have an exceptionally good relationship with their Treasurer, but even then, the invoices often slip through the cracks. Scouts.Digital fixes this in a very simple way.

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Pre-Population Of Cubs And Scouts Details

Some time ago, we were asked if we could streamline the Cub and Scout take on process. In order to add a Cub or Scout to Scouts.Digital, a fair amount of information is required. This article details how we went about streamlining this process and cutting down the time it takes to add a Cub or Scout to Scouts.Digital.

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Weather Forecast For Scouts

A high level weather forecasting widget has been added to each Dashboard for Scout Groups using Scouts.Digital. This details, roughly, what the weather will be like in or around your Scout Group for the next 6 days. With minimum and maximum temperatures and the possibility of rain shown, the Weather Widget allows Scout Groups to ensure that they take the most effective action on the day.

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Scout Program Planning

As Scouters, our Program Planning is often done the hard way (using out-of-date, stuck on the wall, grubby & dirty Advancement Sheets) and we often tend to leave it to the last minute, simply because we are unsure of what to do. Scouts.Digital removes that hard part and provides each Scout Group with detailed information on what Advancements are required at a Troop Level in order to get maximum effect and ensure that your Programs are targeted at the most required Advancement Tasks.

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