AMS Functionality

Currently, Scouts.Digital manages all Adult Leaders in the Gauteng Region.

AMS Dashboards

Dashboards are detailed based on roles:

  • Regional Commissioners (Adults In Their Region)
  • District Commissioners (Adults In Their District)
  • Scout Group Leaders (Group Scouters) (Adults In Their Group)
  • Troop Scouters & Assistant Troop Scouters (Their Group)
  • Pack Scouters & Assistant Pack Scouters (Their Group)
  • Parents Committee Members (Their Group)

AMS Frequently Asked Questions

An exceptionally comprehensive FAQ section is maintained on the AMS. This references questions and answers on "How To" and "What If" with particular reference to the Adult Management System.

This covers topics like "Who Can See My Information On The AMS?" to "How Do I Add An Adult Leader To The AMS?"

Questions and their associated answers are constantly being added to the AMS FAQ section.

Application For Training

All training in Gauteng is managed by Scouts.Digital. This encompasses:

  • Applications
  • Automated Invoice Generation
  • Automated Acceptance (Rule Based)
  • Training Attendance (Day Based)
  • Booked & Managed via the AMS or Externally (Applicant does not need access to the AMS)

Adult Management

Complete Adult Leader Management is provided.

  • Add, Edit, Manage, Move, Resign, Retire, Terminate, Documents
  • Warrants, Charges, Awards, Past Training, Future Training & Disciplinary Events Per Adult Leader

Regional Commissioners, Regional Team Coordinators (Cubs, Scouts, Rovers & Adult Support), District Commissioners, Scout Group Leaders, TS, ATS, PS, APS & Parents Committee Members are managed

AMS Reports

Several standard reports are provided:

  • Adult Leaders, Warrants, Warrants Expiring, Charges, Charges Expiring, Awards, Past Training, Long Service Awards, Warrants Committee, Moves & Changes

These are customised to suit each Role (RC sees Region, DC sees District, SGL sees Group, etc.)

Past Service

Past Service can be captured for each separate Adult Leader:

  • Selected Region, District And Group
  • "Other" can be selected, but Adult Leader must mype Region, District and Group
  • Start and End Dates selectable from an Interactive Calendar

Present Service does not need to be captured.

Warrant Management

All Warrants are actively managed on the AMS for each Adult Leader. This includes expiry date notifications.

Charge Management

All Charges are actively managed on the AMS for each Adult Leader. This includes expiry date notifications.

Award Management

All Awards are actively managed on the AMS for each Adult Leader. This includes notifications of possible awards to the Group, District and Regional management structure.

Disciplinary Management

Disciplinary events are managed at a RC, DC and SGL Level on a per Adult Leader basis. (SGL in their Group, DC in their District & RC in Their Region). Adult Leades only have access to their own Disciplinary Events.

District Management

Districts are managed by Regional Commissioners for their Region Only (Add, Edit, Remove)

Group Management

Groups are managed by Regional Commissioners for their Region Only and District Commissioners for their District Only (Add, Edit, Remove)

Automated Emails

Several emails are automated on the AMS. This normally happens when an action is executed by a logged on Adult Leader (Add, Edit, Apply or Remove). Typically, the affected Adult Leader is emailed. His/her SGL, DC & RC are copied in this email.

Still Not Convinced? Grab A Demo....

Our Demo area utilises the full blown Scouts.Digital service with an active Group but all information has been anonymised.

Please note that all Invoices and Credit Notes on the demo system are redacted low resolution images. Actual generated PDF's are high resolution.

To get access to the Demo area, please click the "Get Password" button.

If you have any questions about the Scouts.Digital service, please email